Friday, September 18, 2015

when the tears started rolling

God and I had the coolest chat today. 

The kind of chat that leaves peace and beauty in its wake. 

I watched the sky change on my way home; the clouds rolled over the sun and onto one another. I marveled at their beauty. 

The colors morphed from blues to yellows to greys, and the light beams shot straight through every opening they could find. 

My eyes could never open wide enough to fully embrace what I saw today, but man did they try. 

That's when we started to talk. 

Tears were rolling down my face because I was so in awe of what He had created. The words began to pour out of my mouth: 
I love you
You make beautiful things
I am yours
Take my heart

I asked for peace and the sun broke free of the clouds to warm my face like a loved ones touch. 

I asked for forgiveness and the rain washed over my car like the blood of Jesus washed away all sins. 

I poured out my heart and he painted his response in the horizon. 
"My daughter, you are mine and I am yours"

We chatted, like friends who've been together since birth. We laughed and we cried, and we swore to never say goodbye. We promised one simple little thing:

Our chat is not over yet. 

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