Saturday, April 22, 2017

Blessed by the Yes

After a long week of events, homework, tests, and activities, I'm absolutely exhausted. My introverted side is kicking in and it's going to take a while to recover from the craziness of this week. Although my body is slowing down and my mind is wishing for a break, I'm still in a state of euphoria following all of the great things from the past 6 days.

I decided a while ago that I wanted to work to change my introverted tendencies and say yes to more things. Little by little, I've implemented more "yes" in my life. Monday, I said yes to me time and a date with one of my best friends. I also said yes to picking up a shift at work and taking a late night drive with my roommate. Tuesday, I said yes to waking up at 6 to see my brother, and going to both my labs, and babysitting my favorite little dude. Wednesday I said yes to everything. Another 6am call-time, studying, working, having a picnic dinner with some really great people, and being out of my comfort zone. Thursday, I said yes to no naps, more studying, quality time with yet another best friend, and work work work. Friday I said yes to me time again. I finished several TV series that I had been watching on Netflix and started watching RomComs to fill my heart. I said yes to another framily shindig and did face masks and nails with even more great people. Saturday, I said yes to Welcome Week training and hanging out with friends and getting ready for the dance and GOING to the dance.

It's currently 12:32 AM. I am sore and tired. But I am so very thankful. I realized that mixed in with all of the yes for other people and things, it's good for me to say yes to myself. I also learned that it's important for me to celebrate the little things that I say yes to and the things that I don't find it hard to say yes to because they're all good. I have been blessed by the yes this week and I don't plan on stopping it any time soon.

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